Folk singer Mamta Sharma found dead in CM Khattar’s native village Baniyani

In Haryana, a woman’s body was found in fields of Haryana’s Balliali village of Rohtak. The body of this woman has been identified as Mamta Sharma, the famous singer of Haryana. Her son had recorded missing report two days ago in the police station. According to the information, Mamta Sharma went out of the house on January 14 for any event. Since then, they did not know anything. Two days later, on January 16, her son had lodged a case of her missing in Kalanaur police station. Famous singer Mamta’s murder has been done by slitting her throat. Police is investigating the matter.  It is worth mentioning that in October last year, a singer named Harshita Dahiya was also shot dead in Panipat. Earlier, in 2012, a Haryanvi singer named Banu Chaudhary was also shot dead.

Mamta Sharma, a resident of Kalnaur, was a famous Haryanavi singer. After her family could not contact her, a missing report was filed by her son. A police investigation is on Haryana has hit the national headlines as six cases of rape and gangrape were reported in the past five days. Many of the incidents show the bestial side of humanity as the rapists mutilated the rape victims and their private parts by inserting objects or slashing the victims by blades.

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