Haryana GK Quiz No. 10

Haryana GK Quiz, Objective Questions No. 10: Haryana General Knowledge (GK) Objective Questions with Answer in Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Quiz from Haryana GK and India GK for HPSC Pre, HSSC, HTET, Haryana Police, Patwari, teachers and other competitive examinations.  Candidates having Android smart Phone can download our following free educations Mobile app in Hindi and English or follow us on social media like Facebook or Google+:
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Haryana GK Quiz No. 10: 

The following are not included in the right to personal liberty-
A. Right to go abroad
B. Right to human dignity
C. Right to undertrial prisoners not to be detained for unreasonably long period
D. Right not to be detained beyond 24 hours in police custody
Answer: D

During the proclamation of Emergency, the duration of the House of people may be extended by the parliament for a period not exceeding……….at a time.
A. one year
B. six months
C. nine months
D. eighteen months
Answer: A

When the president refers a matter to the supreme court-
A. The court is bound to render its opinion
B. The court is bond to render its opinion when it is a dispute of the kind mentioned in the proviso to Article 131
C. The court is bound to render its opinion when it is a dispute of the kind mentioned in Article 71
D. The court is bound to render its opinion when it is a dispute of the kind mentioned in Article 72
Answer: C

Which of the following grounds is necessary to be proved in order to remove a speaker of any Legislative Assembly?
A. Misbehaviour
B. Incapacity
C. Conduct involving moral turpitude
D. None of the above
Answer: D

Questions as to the age of a judge of a High court are to be decided by-
A. President
B. Chief Justice of the concerned High court
C. Governor
D. Chief Justice of India
Answer: A

Which of the following section deal with an implied warranty in every contract of sale?
A. 14(a)
B. 14(b)
C. 15
D. 16(2)
Answer: B

Which of the following rights of an unpaid-seller can be exercised only when the buyer has become insolvent and not otherwise?
A. Right of lien
B. Right of Re-sale
C. Right of Stoppage in transit
D. Right to Sue
Answer: C

As per section 41, the buyer must have the reasonable opportunity to examine the goods for the purpose of ascertaining-
A. The goods are in a deliverable state
B. The goods are of merchantable quality
C. The goods are in conformity with the contract
D. All of the above
Answer: C

Within how many months of attaining majority, a minor admitted into the benefits of a partnership firm must decide whether he wants to become a partner in the firm?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Six
D. Twelve
Answer: C

Generally, an introduction of a new partner in a partnership firm would require the consent of-
A. The majority of the partners
B. All the partners
C. The majority of partners barring the dormant partners
D. The partners having majority share in the firm
Answer: B

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