Haryana GK Quiz No. 15

Haryana GK Quiz, Objective Questions No. 15: Haryana General Knowledge (GK) Objective Questions with Answer in Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Quiz from Haryana GK and India GK for HPSC Pre, HSSC, HTET, Haryana Police, Patwari, teachers and other competitive examinations.  Candidates having Android smart Phone can download our following free educations Mobile app in Hindi and English or follow us on social media like Facebook or Google+:
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Haryana GK Quiz No. 15: 

The Haryana State Board of Technical Education has been constituted by the Govemment of Haryana vide
A. Haryana Act No. l9 of 2006
B. Haryana Act No. 19 of 2007
C. Haryana Act No.19 of 2008
D. Haryana Act No.19 of 2009
Answer: C

Firoz Shah Tughlaq established a fort in 1354;
A. At Hisar
B. At Kalka
C. At Mahendergrah
D. At Rewari
Answer: A

The members of the standing committee are taken from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the ratio of
A. two and one respectively
B. three and one respectively
C. four and one respectively
D. equal members for both the Houses
Answer: A

Under which constitution amendment, 10 Fundamental Duties of the citizens were included in the constitution?
A. 24th
B. 28th
C. 42nd
D. 44th
Answer: C

Opening the Saving Bank Account of a minor girl will be called as which of the following in Banking terminology?
A. Retail Banking
B. Merchant Banking
C. Social Banking
D. Corporate Banking
Answer: A

Which of the following test is conducted to know if a sportsman has taken any performance enhancing drugs?
B. Narco Test
D. DOPE Test
Answer: D

Which one of the following upheavals took place in Bengal immediately after the Revolt of 1857?
A. Sanyasi Rebellion
B. Santal Rebellion
C. Indigo Disturbances
D. Pabna Disturbances
Answer: C

The officer responsible for the safe custody of land records during the Gupta period was known as;
A. Dhruvadhikarana
B. Karanika
C. Samaharta
D. Shaulkika
Answer: B

During the freedom struggle, Aruna Asaf Ali was a major woman organizer of underground activity in;
A. Civil Disobedience Movement
B. Non-Cooperation Movement
C. Quit India Movement
D. Swadeshi Movement
Answer: C

SEBI is a-
A. Statutory body
B. Advisory body
C. Constitutional body
D. Non-statutory body
Answer: A

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