Haryana GK Quiz No. 20

Haryana GK Quiz, Objective Questions No. 20: Haryana General Knowledge (GK) Objective Questions with Answer in Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Quiz from Haryana GK and India GK for HPSC Pre, HSSC, HTET, Haryana Police, Patwari, teachers and other competitive examinations.  Candidates having Android smart Phone can download our following free educations Mobile app in Hindi and English or follow us on social media like Facebook or Google+:
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Haryana GK Quiz No. 20: 

1. The National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana was written by
A. Bankim chandra
B. Rabindra Nath Tagore
C. Subhash Bose
D. Sarojini Naidu
Answer: B

2. Haryana State was formed on
A. Nov. l,1965
B. Nov. l,1966
C. Nov. l,1967
D. None
Answer: B

3. Districts in Haryana State are
A. 19
B. 23
C. 22
D. 18
Answer: C

4. The epic Ramayana was written by
A. Tulsi Das
B. Valmiki
C. Keshav Das
D. Vishvamitra
Answer: B

5. The most common Salt in the sea water is
A. Calcium Carbonate
B. Sodium Chloride
C. Potassium Chloride
D. Sodium Sulphate
Answer: B

6. The Present Governor of Haryana is
A. Bhupinder Singh Hooda
B. Bhajan Lal
C. Kaptan Singh Solanki
D. Shiv Raj patil
Answer: C

7. The World’s tallest tower (Building) is in
B. Italy
C. Japan
D. Dubai
Answer: D

8. The difference between Samvat and the christian calendar is of
A. 57 Years
B. 67 years
C. 77 Years
D. 37 years
Answer: A

9. Who attacked the Somnath Temple in the distant past
A. Babur
B. Mehmud Ghazni
C. Mohamed Ghouri
D. Nadir Shah
Answer: B

10. The Ancient epic Mahabharata was written by
A. Chanakya
B. Patanjati
C. Valmiki
D. Ved Vyas
Answer: D


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